Thursday in ‘Nooga

Thursday we spent the day in Chattanooga, being tourists and having fun. Here are the photos that *aren’t* from Rock City and the Incline Railway.

Hanging in Chattanooga

As you can see, there was a lot of drinking (which I very much paid for the next day on the road, and I am so glad I don’t suffer from motion sickness on a regular basis because MY GOD THAT SUCKED SO HARD).

We have another set of Florida ex-pat friends who have moved to ‘Nooga, and we knew our friends Arne and Emma would get along with them so we organized a dinner (great local pizza place, Lupi’s) which then turned into a “come over and hang out,” and after Carl and Ginny left we brought out this board game that completely flummoxed me. Agricola? Something like that? You’re in Medieval Europe and you have so many turns in which to grow crops, raise farm animals, have kids, and improve your house. Again: flummoxed.

Friday morning we got on the road and drove up to South Bend, getting in late last night. This morning we’re puttering around (Jenny, who also got here late last night is already craftily exploding and making a quilt she wants to finish this weekend, if not today) and there is much discussion over who is going to mow the yard (Ethan, if he can’t get out of it), who is going to go to Tim’s parent’s house to set up for tomorrow (Tim), who is going to de-construct and then construct a new porch on the back of Bill and Cathy’s house (Bill and Jackson), and who’s going to go have a martini lunch at Hoolihan’s and then go to a yarn shop (WONDER WHO THAT IS LORENA AND CATHY) (Maybe we can drag Cousin Erin with us, and Jenny if she’s done with the quilt).

Have I mentioned how much I love this family? They are so wonderful.

Rock City and Incline Railway photos to follow!

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