Summer Road Trip 2011, Day One

Yesterday we drove from Gainesville to Chattanooga, and it flew by. HAH! See what I did there? We drove fast? Flew by? Thank you! I’ll be here all week! Oh, wait, I’m travelling. “Here” is relative.

Road Trip, Day One

So we got up, packed the car, said goodbye to the kitties (and told them they would be in good snuggly hands with Auntie Laura), and hit the road. Usually when we drive to South Bend, it seems like hours and hours and hours (but in a good way, as I have knitting, and we have a book on tape – currently Book Five of Harry Potter). This hardly seemed like anything! We drove for about three hours, stopped for lunch, drove for about four more hours, and were at Arne and Emma’s house! Why, I hardly even got more than an inch done on my sweater*.

*Mostly because I couldn’t put my sock knitting down.

We stopped to see Arne’s yarn store (I just realized that I put a photo on Foursquare, but didn’t upload it to my regular Flickr account; oops. Of course I got some yarn there, and also some Alpaca/Silk spinning fiber may have fallen in my bag, tee hee hee.

Then we went to dinner (great food, and a Bloody Mary with bacon infused vodka), after which it was time for… ARNE’S SPINNING LESSON! He’d been spinning for a little while on a drop spindle, but since I have two wheels and one of them is a backpack wheel… we just shoved it in the trunk and brought it with us! I’m going to loan it to him for a while so that he can get a good 15 minutes a day (hear me, Arne? Practice!). I get the feeling it won’t be too long before he’s spinning like a pro.

Today (after I quit drinking coffee and futzing around on the Interwebs), we are off to See! Rock! City!

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