May was both very long and very short

Every time I sat down to blog in May – because a lot of things happened I wanted to share – I kept getting distracted by shiny things. Like this new bird, a house finch, which I’d never seen until this year. I spent a lot of time in May watching it and it’s mate make a home in my yard.

I was pretty social in May (one of the blog posts I want to write is about [un]sociability and people who work at home). Of course I went to Sweet Dreamsmore than once. We also get together every Sunday night with friends and family to watch GAME OF THRONES, which we are all loving the crap out of.

The woman whose house burned down a few years ago (remember that?) moved into her finally-rebuilt house. We went to the party, as did most of the block. The same weekend, I went out with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe to a friend’s house, of which I wish I had gotten more artsy photos because his house is amazing.

AND JAG AND ANTONY CAME TO VISIT! We went fun places. We had adventures. We had ice cream. We made a Satchel’s Van and took it everywhere (even to Sweet Dreams). Lots of good food was consumed. We saw pretty things.

While I didn’t get to ride the train, I did get to take Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe to a train station (they went to the Nebulas, where Uncle Joe got to present Connie Willis with the Nebula for BLACKOUT/ALL CLEAR – go Connie! Go Connie!).

I put a bright red wash in my hair, which has sadly already faded to shell pink.


Let’s talk Macramé. Anyone do this? Anyone have a yarn or rope they like to use?

I started a series of blog posts on how I organize my craft room, after signing up for Pinterest (more on that later) and not finding any inspiring photos – for my line of crafting.

I want to knit a shawl for Amy, for her and Isaac’s wedding in September. Not wanting to wait until the last minute, I dyed the yarn already. I also finished a pair of socks, just haven’t blogged about them yet. And I plotted out a major spinning project – there’s this yearly spinning event called the Tour de Fleece (runs at the same time as the Tour de France) and I really want to spin down my stash. I’m going for quantity, not quality. Oh; and I think I need to give up on this stocking thing. I’m getting to the point where I get angry even just looking at the yarn! They’re just not turning out and I think I need to step away. I did start some new knitting that I can’t tell you about yet, but will excitedly crow about in a couple of weeks.

I fired the kiln only once? How could that be? Ah; twice. Make that three. I made more soaps in May than ceramics, as I had a couple of custom orders (the 10 for $50 set) and also wanted to get some new things done for the Craft Fair I did the last weekend of May.

I did another soap swap, and loved what I got back this time.


The kittens continued to be cute, and it’s a good thing for them because one of them is a little fucker.


When Jag and Antony were in town, Jag came over and along with Jenn and Laura, helped me wipe out my front yard weed infestation. Since then I’ve been working on organizing what was still alive, and planting new flowers.

My tomatoes started to fruit. So did my cucumbers (tiny, but delicious). Eventually I was getting handfuls every day of yummy juicy seedy goodness.


…. and those are all the things I’ve been meaning to mention!

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