Painting the bathroom

Tim indulged my idea of repainting the bathroom, and a couple weekends ago he took everything off the walls and started in – here are some “before” photos. I wanted a color that both went with the pink tile (which we don’t feel up to replacing right now) but didn’t sort of… point to it, saying “check out this pink tile!!!1!” Something that would more… blend, and divert one’s eyes from the pink. So we are going with a lovely grey, one shade lighter for the ceiling, and two shades darker for the trim.

Before painting During painting

Oh, but wait. What’s that, where the medicine cabinet used to be? Could that be… the original wallpaper from the house? That the previous owners put in? That I tore down as best I could and painted over after whats-his-name moved out in 1999? Let’s take a closer look at that wallpaper.

This wallpaper is NOT MY FAULT

Wow. Seeing it again after … twelve years … I can’t believe that when I bought the house in 1995 that I didn’t ask them to take that out before signing the paperwork. That is *some* wallpaper!

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  1. Pink tile used to mean “It’s Florida!!!”. I like it. But then, I also love terrazo. That wallpaper – way too much for a small room. And I can’t quite see it going well with the tile. Maybe it was planned to make you not want to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, like for a multi-person family sharing that space.
    Gray is good – goes with anything, and makes rooms look bigger, makes the walls sort of fade into the distance.

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