Weekend Project: New Kitchen Shelves

One thing this house will never have enough of for me is flat space. But then, I’m an agent of chaos and any flat space within about a mile of me immediately becomes Covered In Stuff, so… take that as you will. And one thing this house has a lack of is places to put stuff. Our kitchen, slightly larger than the bathroom but not by much, lacks a pantry. A portion of the kitchen cabinets are full of cans and dry goods. What we need is a place to put spices and fancy plates and stuff you don’t know where to put somewhere else. Witness our making do:


Last week Tim had a three-day weekend, and he decided to do something about it. He was inspired because he got a lot of cookbooks for Christmas and we don’t have anywhere to put them. That got us talking, and saying “what if…” and this is what we came up with:

During - shelves

Lengthening the shelves! He bought new wood (taking down those carpet-covered shelves, remember those, Sharon? From the bookstore?) and two more of those metal things, installed everything (well, took everything off, as you can see below, and then installed everything).

During - mess

Then he routered a groove in the back of two of the shelves, so that we could face out some of the fancy plates, using them for both art and storage. Then he cleaned everything you see in the photo above and put it back as you see in the photo below.


Things I use (coffee, cocoa mix) on the bottom, because I’m short, and things he uses (spices) up taller, as he is taller. Genius!

That Timmy Sean. He’s so cool.

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  1. Looks like a great improvement in use of space. I use that type of shelving in a few places and like the openness of it.

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