When good knits go bad

I am starting to think I have Gathered Pullover curse.

Remember what happened to the first one?

Now I’m making a second one.

– I didn’t have enough yarn, so ordered two more skeins. They were not the same dye lot.

– They’re very noticiably not the same dye lot.

– I alternated and knit from two balls (one of the new dye lot, one of the old) at the very bottom because I was afraid I’d run out of yarn, and I can tell the difference between the two dye lots.

– I’ve been telling myself from the beginning that this doesn’t bother me.

– It does bother me.

– Because of the dye lot issue, I wanted to change the sleeves a bit; they are knit cuff up and seamed, but I wanted to pick up stitches and do short-row shaping and knit down, so that if I ran out of the good dye lot the use of the new dye lot would be near my hands and not near my neck.

– Today I ripped out my… third? fourth try at the sleeves.

– I’m thinking about making it a tank top – fuck the sleeves. Even though the armholes are too big for tank top, and look very… well, kind of stupid as a tank top.

– But I can still tell at the bottom that there is a dye lot difference, and I wonder if I would wear it. I don’t really want to overdye it;  I love the color (of the original dye lot).


Part of me says “you know what, self? This is maybe not the week to be making sweeping decisions about your knitting! Maybe you should put it away until July and think about it later!”. Part of me says “put the bitch in time out with that fucking Simple Knitted Bodice you’ve been ignoring for five years”. Part of me says “rip it out, separate the two dye lots, and make something else!”.

Part of me also says that perhaps now would be a good time to go pour a drink and relax while waiting for the new season of True Blood to start.


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  1. i really thought the “capped sleeve” look was cute and would totally work for that sweater. Plus you could wear it more if it’s short sleeved. I also hate to see that much of a beautiful thing get ripped out!

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