Go home, poncho, you’re drunk!

Moving right alongI’m starting to think this poncho hates me.
– I cast on, knit about two inches, decided it was way too small. Ripped out.
– I cast on, didn’t like the stitch for what the yarn was doing, decided to change stitches. Ripped out.
– I cast on, knit about six inches, decided it was way too gargantuan. Ripped out.
– Rethought how I wanted to do the shaping/increases.
– Rethought how I wanted the colors to play together.
– Cast on again, have knit about three inches. I’m not sure if it’s the right size or not but now I’m too bitchy to rip it out again. It’ll fit someone.

It’s no longer the yarn in this picture – the only reason I was knitting with that color was because Tiny Kitten chewed through the yarn and so I couldn’t sell it… and I like the color, but not for this project (I wanted more browns than reds).

The 70s have called, and they don’t seem to want me to have a brown and yellow/gold poncho that would have looked quite at home in the streets of San Francisco.

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