Go home, weather, you’re drunk!

ExplosionI think I may have mentioned that with the exception of a few days here and there, we had a really mild winter. Gainesville usually does have a few nights of sub-freezing temperatures (no, really, Northern friends, I’m not making that up!) but we really only get them for maybe four nights in a row, three or four times over the course of November through March. We got a few surprisingly sub-freezing nights later than usual, and I was worried about my loquats, which had begun to fruit in February because of how warm it was. I guess I didn’t need to worry, though, because the freeze seems to have actually been pretty good for them and they’ve been going gangbusters all throughout March. I pretty much just ate the last of them this week.

The pink azaleas, too, bloomed steadily through late February and March. I was joking with Tim’s parents a couple weeks before they came down that maybe they’d still be able to see them (thinking that they wouldn’t, really)… and then, they did. Those flowers lasted an insane amount of time, much longer than usual. My yellow-orange one, though, pretty much shot out these flowers over the course of three or four days, and now they’re all wilted and dying. Of course now it’s also been over 80 in the day, and I’m already eyeing the window AC unit by about 2 in the afternoon. Oh, Mother Nature, you’re so tricksy.

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