It’s like the clown car for spinning wheels

Let's get this party started!The other day, Alana and Sharon and I were going to load up our wheels into Alana’s car, and drive up to Ft. White, where we were going to spend the day spinning and chatting at Bella Luna Knits. HAHAHAHAHA. My spinning wheel was too tall to stand up in Alana’s car, and we didn’t think there would be enough room for Sharon’s wheel if we did that. Turns out Sharon’s wheel was more compact than I remember, so it might have worked, but better to be safe than sorry! So instead, we put everything into the back of the Rav, thanking my mother once again for this fine utility vehicle. Pro tip: if you are spinner in the market for a new car, take your wheel with you when you go to check out trunk space.

Pay no attention to the knitting magazine in that basket; it has a clown on the cover and Alana and Sharon got it for me at Spin-In earlier this year. MY COOL FRIENDS. ::whimper::

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