Happy Non-Birthday, Quinn!

Why I am a sucky friend, #493 – I have been convinced for a number of years now that my WONDERFULsexyTALENTEDbeautifulSWEET friend Quinn’s birthday is November 22nd (it’s not). It’s actually, er, the 12th? But I refuse to believe that. This year, it is the 22nd. Mostly because I suck, but also partly because Q had a major loss this year and it’s the first birthday without someone she loves greatly… and we all know how much that can suck. SO WE ARE CELEBRATING HER BIRTHDAY ON THE 22ND! Today. And yeah, it’s the END of the day and not the BEGINNING of the day, because, well, I’m a dork. I planned to write this three days ago, but wanted to wait until the 22nd. Then all day today I kept thinking it was the 21st. WHOOPS. No sense of timing, me.

Quinnling, my sweet friend, soul-sister, I love you so much. I wish I could kiss away all of your heart’s bruises, except that it’s those wounds that make us who we are… and I don’t want to you to change as I love you just the way you are.

Happy birthday, my friend!

(PS I tried to find a really great photo of you that I have from RenFair Back in the Day… but it doesn’t look like I ever uploaded it to Flickr. Good thing I guess, in the long run, as you would break an awful lot of hearts by turning down the marriage proposals that would come up after everyone sees that lovely photo!)

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