QOTW – 2009/11/16

And the Question of the Week is… could you sketch your family tree?

My answer is after the cut…

Probably not while I’m still half-asleep, but I’ll try.

My parents: Alice B. Haldeman and Jack C. Haldeman II

Maternal grandparents: Edward Krieg and Beatrice Krieg

… … … whoa. Embarrassing. That’s about as far as I can get with that side of the family. I do have it written down, but have just spent ten minutes searching and can’t find the book OK, found the book, but was apparently smoking crack when I was listening to my grandmother. I have listed a Great-great-great-grandfather on my mother’s father’s side, William Steger, who moved to teh US from Germany in the 1860’s, and was a homeopathic physician. Also a Frank Krieg, no dates, who came from Bavaria. AHA! Score! Parents of Edward Krieg were Joseph Robert Charles Krieg and Ruby Angelena Albauch (what a pretty name!). Parents of Beatrice Alice Arnold Krieg were Harrison Morton McComas Arnold and Alice Belle Gray. Harrison’s parents were Franklin Pierce Arnold and Clemensa (“Miss Minnie”) Amanda West. Parents of Alice Belle were William Gray and Alice Bell. Father of Franklin Pierce was James Madison Arnold. And that really is all I have.

Paternal grandparents: Jack Carroll Haldeman and Lorena (NMI) Spivey Haldeman

It appears that Uncle Joe and I are going to have to write some shit down the minute he gets back home, because while I remember a ton of stories about that side of the family, I’m drawing a blank on most names. I thought I had that family bible, but cannot find it so perhaps I don’t. Jack’s parents were William Otto Haldeman and Roberta Fields Haldeman. I do not think I ever knew G-ma’s (Lorena’s) parents names; only that she loved her mother very much and was devastated to watch her die slowly as she lived with them (Alzheimer’s? Parkinson’s?). Rumor has it that a generation or two back, the last name was McCoy, of the Hatfields and McCoys. I don’t know how true that is.

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  1. Lore, you know more than I do! I’m pretty sure the McCoy connection is real.

    Think I can find the family bible when I get home. It has a genealogy page in the middle.

    More useful, Dad had a pretty detailed genealogy done years back, way before computers, and Gay has it in her files somewhere. I should scan it and shoot it over to you as a jpeg. Think it’s about a dozen pages long; goes way back.

    Love, Unca Joe


    1. Unca Joe – I do have that printout from Papa; I just didn’t even think to look for it this morning. I’ll hunt for it when I get off work tonight and add in what I find!

  2. Yes, even without Lorena listing it all above. I was told it all over and over by both grandmothers way back when. And I have even more official documentation of dates, marriages, etc, thanks to our cousin Bill Gray. I’m trying to find out more about Alice Belle Gray’s mother, Alice Ann Bell Gray. Then there’s the half-sister of my grandfather’s part of the family who came to Florida in the 1920’s or 30’s when it was still even more primitive than now. The patriarch of that branch was police chief and fire chief in, I think, Neptune Beach. Oh, but Ruby’s maiden name was Albaugh, with a g not a c. So much for using mothers’ maiden names as security codes… Now, which part of my mother’s family was the Robert E Lee connection – Something about Morris Lee Carter but to figure that out I have to look at my written notes. Which, also, by the way, apparently would make us distantly related to DataAngel.

  3. I can get back to my grandparents easily, and even include their siblings and siblings’ descendants pretty well, but great grandparents I can get a little fuzzy on first names. My paternal grandmother had some of her family tree traced back to the 1600s in Wales, and my Dad has all that information. My mother’s brother also had a lot of family tree info for my maternal grandfather’s family, but I don’t know what’s become of it. My maternal grandmother’s family gets difficult because they’re from eastern Germany, so we quickly run into language barriers.

    Parents: Tom Brownfield and Maggie Brooks
    Paternal Grandparents: C. William Brownfield and Lillian Marie Thomas
    Maternal Grandparents: Alphonse Jules Brooks and Anna Augusta Dyck

    Paternal Great Grandparents: William Watson Brownfield and Faye Willard Shipman — but I don’t know the Thomas side.
    Maternal Great Grandparents: Rudolph Dyck and Emma Wittstock (I think, but I am likely wrong)


  4. OK; found that printout from my grandfather. Let’s see if I can do this (it’s written up in kind of an odd way so I have to decipher). I’m only doing parents; Papa was one of 14, and G-ma was one of 12 (or some such crazy huge number) and the rest of them seem to have had about eight billion children each.

    Jack C. Haldeman (b. 1912 in Idaho); son of William Otto Haldeman (b. 1877 in West Virginia, a dentist) and Roberta (Bertie) Fields (b. 1876 in Virginia); William O. was the son of William Z. Haldeman (b. 1844 in Virginia, was a farmer in Lyon, Preston County, West Virginia) and Amanda J. ____ (b. 1845 in VA); William Z. was the son of Joseph Haldeman (b. 1817 in Uniontown, Fayette Co. PA, a gunsmith) and Alice ___ (b. 1823 in PA). They were married in Preston County, WV, and for the WV girls in the house, here’s some trivia – Preston County was formed in 1818 from Monongalia and Randolph counties. Thanks, Papa! … where was I … Joseph was the son of Peter Haldeman (b. 1791 in Uniontown, Somerset Co, PA) and Salome Shirer (b. 1813 in the same city); Peter was the son of Abraham Haldeman (b. 1757 in Lancaster, PA) and Anna Shellhorn. Abraham was the son of Jacob Haldeman (b. 1722 in Neuchatel, Bern, Switzerland, eventually was a landowner after being one of the earliest settlers in Rapho township, Lancaster county – upon his death owned more than 300 acres. Was on his town’s Public Safety Committee during the Revolutionary War*) and Maria Miller. Jacob was the son of Peter Haldiman (notice the name spelling change); Maria Miller was the daughter of Heinrich Muller (name changed to Henry Miller after moving to the US) and Barbara Herr. Peter Haldiman (b. 1687 in Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland, may or may not have become a Mennonite after arriving in PA); son of Hans Haldiman and Anna Stutzman.

    OH MY GOD THIS GOES ON FOREVER. Seriously. It keeps going; earliest is back to 1570, and I would share it but my eyes are crossing (as I’m sure yours are too, if you’re even still reading this).

    * There’s then about a page of slightly confusing information involving a Colonel/Sir Frederick Haldimand, who may or may not have been a cousin, and an almost 5000 acre tract of land called Longmeadows in Frederic County, Maryland.

  5. Sure are a buncha Alices in your family.


    My mom did a big geneology thingy with her side of the family, at least the German part. I suppose the Hungarian part too. And I got a family tree from my paternal Grandmother… it’s all pretty boring (a lot like all the “begats” in the bible) except the parts where, on my father’s side, I am distantly (very distantly) related to Walt Disney (which undoubtedly will raise me in Lorena’s esteem!) and to Mary Todd Lincoln.

    So there ya go. Go ask Alice.

  6. Thanks, Darlin. I’ve spent the last three hours looking all over for the sheet of paper where my grandmother wrote down the maternal history. No joy.

    So, no, I can’t sketch out my family tree. We never spoke about family members, so it didn’t occur to me ask about family. I remember being shocked when my maternal grandmother mentioned her father. I had never given any thought to her having one. It was much the same when I found out her mother had a brother. Men simply weren’t mentioned, just the women. It’s the same way on my father’s side. The paper my grandmother wrote out for me had the family going back several generations into slavery.

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