QOTW – 2009/11/23

And the Question of the Week is… what is your favorite concession stand food?

My answer is after the cut…

Concession stands usually frighten me – between being a picky eater and having food allergies, it’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette with foodstuffs. But at Rhinebeck (the New York Sheep and Wool Festival) they have cotton candy that tastes like Maple Sugar. And a whole booth on artichokes cooked different ways! So I’d say those two are my favorite.

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  1. Oh Lord… if it can be fried or wrapped in a pita, I’m all over it. The Ohio State Fair is one possible interpretation of nirvana. Elephant ears, sugar waffles, funnel cakes, onion blossoms, gyros, corn dogs, roasted corn, lemon shakeups… oh the stuff is amazing and I gain weight just passing through the gates of the fair.

  2. Wow! Artichokes!

    Have to admit to a weakness for corn dogs, slathered with ketchup and mustard. Not only bad for you, but an unholy mess to eat!

    Corn on the cob slathered with butter is right up there, too.

    Unca Joe

  3. The Rhinebeck food sounds much better than Florida County or State Fair concession food which is your basic Ick. Mostly over the top in grease, sugar, fat, poor sanitary conditions in preparation. None for me, thank you. Yes, Mim, loved those lemon sticks but we don’t have them here so haven’t had one since 1973. I think, like street A-rabs, must be a Balto kind of thing. Were we allowed to have them before singing at Flower Mart, or were we required to wait til after the performances due to possible excessive puckering and salivation? Ooooo, I’m puckering and salivating right now in remembering them.

  4. At the ballpark it has to be good old steamed hot dogs and nachos, at the fair (Minnisota State is my favorite!) fried cheese curds and corn dogs from pronto pups, pork chop on a stick is also awesome! gotta go eat something now!

  5. Thrashers French Fries on the boardwalks in Maryland and Delaware, for sure. In Guatemala, corn almost burned over a charcoal fire then sprinkled with lemon or lime and chilies. Deep fried sweet potato most places. Fischers scones at the Western Washington Fair.
    Hey!!! Now I’m hungry!!! Drat.

  6. Uh Alice? You live in the Land o’ Lemons. Just buy some good peppermint sticks (candy canes are too weak) and make ’em yourself.

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