Unca Joe critically stable! Aunt Gay getting rest!

Once again, pretty much just copy-paste from Aunt Gay (and also sending her love and hugs):

Wednesday, Sept. 23, noon. Joe’s still “critically stable,” still in the ICU, still on the respirator. I just talked to the surgeon, whom I like very much. He says Joe’s where he should be, all things considered.

I don’t remember whether I was specific or not, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself. They operated on him Saturday night for a twisted bowel. When they went in, they found severe pancreatitis that had not shown up on the scans.

The surgeon just told me that Joe’s blood count was coming down and the pancreatic enzymes were better than yesterday. Lab stuff looks better. He’s still running a fever of about 102 that doesn’t want to come down. He’ll probably be on the respirator for a few more days to rest and recover. His bowel has begun working, one of the serious hurdles for this kind of surgery. He’s getting IV nutrition and they’re keeping him sedated (yay).

I’m shook but okay. It’s one day at a time. Right now I even hesitate to let him know I’m here because I don’t want to wake him up with all the tubes and stuff down his throat. Please sleep through it all, Joe.

I went out to dinner with good friends Steve Leigh, Rusty, and Becca Levin and Guy Allen last night. Then collapsed early and let myself sleep late. I’ll continue to do that until he’s conscious again. I think he’ll need me around more, then.

And just to make you smile, here’s a photo of the three of us (and my grandfather, dad and Uncle Joe’s father) back in the day:
On the porch

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  1. So glad to hear Unca Joe’s stable and that Aunt Gay is being well taken care of. And that is such a cute stinkin picture, love it, love it, love it.

  2. I’m glad Uncle Joe is stable enough that Aunt Gay can get some rest. She’s likely right in that he will need her more once he’s awake. They are so lucky to have such great friends to take care of them.

  3. Just got word via cousin Stephanie about Joe and Gay’s situation. Please send my love and good wishes for a quick and easy recovery.

  4. Lore, you are one cute princess! And fun to see Joe and Gay back in the day. We’re grateful for the updates. What a hard time for everyone. At least there are some positive signs of progress. “Sleeping through it all” sounds like a good plan for Joe for now so he can rest and heal – Gay, too!

  5. oh, gosh – I’m glad he’s stable, and VERY glad that your aunt has a lot of support around. That’s just all very very difficult stuff, stressful, exhausting – hugs, many times over.

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