Your daily Unca Joe update

Basically just quoting an email Aunt Gay sent out a little bit ago –

As many of you already know, Joe had emergency abdominal surgery Saturday night, Sept. 19. It’s now Tuesday and he’s recovering slowly. He’s still in Intensive Care.

They scared me pretty badly this morning when they called to tell me they had to put in a breathing tube. I just talked to the respiratory physician and the surgeon and they both reassure me that it’s only to let him rest and heal. There’s some expected fluid buildup around his lungs that was making it hard for him to breath. All his vital signs are normal now, the pancreatitis appears to be getting better from the lab tests, and the surgeon tells me he hasn’t lost any ground at all.

This is all taking place in Cincinnati. Our friends are taking excellent care of us here. One has loaned me an apartment for the duration, others work at the hospital and keep tabs on things, others are feeding us. It’s as good a situation as it can possibly be away from home.


And I really want to thank you, deeply, for all your comments. I truly believe our friends in this life keep us afloat in times of trouble.

Edited to add the following from Jag –

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