He’s OK, but Unca Joe is in the hospital

My apologies if you’re one of the people I didn’t have time to call or email yesterday; let me preface this with Uncle Joe is Strongy McStrongypants and between his own natural inclination to not be ill and everyone’s thoughts, he’ll pull through this just fine.

Uncle Joe is in the hospital in Cincinnati.

He was having some pain, so went in; they found a twisted intestine and did emergency surgery. While they were in there they found some issues with his pancreas, so now he has two different things going on. But he is already cracking jokes, and Rusty is there to take care of Aunt Gay, and they are surrounded by fans and friends who are doing everything they can to make this as easy as possible for my aunt and uncle.

Aunt Gay will post when she has time on the above linked daily journal, and of course I will keep everyone posted here as I can.

Edited to add that I don’t know what room he’s in, but the address of the Hospital should you want to send a card, is:
Bethesda North Hospital
10500 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242-4415

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  1. Oh, sweetie – hugs and love to you, Gay, and Joe. Stay strong, Unca Joe – you’ve become an Unca to many Snarklanders who have never even had the pleasure of meeting you in person.

    And now to quote a song that I really, really hate: “Wake me up when September ends…” I think it might be appropriate for how you’re feeling right now, dearest Lorena. Much love being sent your way.

  2. I was just looking at your tweet of your horrible September and trying to figure out what I could do from so far away so I’m filling my brain with good thoughts for you and your family. Plus hugs! Can’t forget the hugs. They are very important.

  3. That’s just karmic bullshit. I was of the personal opinion that September had officially crossed the line (and was way past the line) in how it had been treating you, and now it decides to pull this crappy stunt?

    I send your Unca Joe all the best in healing wishes and wish you peace and an onslaught of good news phone calls, emails and letters. Hugs.

  4. Well… Damn! That certainly sucks; I’ll have to go easy on him on our next Poker night (yeah, right).

    Our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery; I’ll try and get a Get Well card out to him this afternoon.


  5. Sorry to hear about Unca Joe. I will be thinking about him. Maybe his intestine got twisted when it was trying to flag down some help for his pancreas. I’m glad that he and Gay have so much support there.

  6. We’re thinking good thoughts about and for Joe and Gay. As distressing as it must have been, maybe his going in for the intestine issue allowed the doctor(s) to find something that unchecked, could have been more serious. Although, being from Michigan, I have to say that being hospitalized, or even stuck in Ohio for any amount of time brings shivers to my spine.

    Seriously, get better Joe, and hang in there Gay. We love you and your crazy niece bunches…

  7. OK. September is officially over.

    I’m declaring tomorrow Nuevetember the First. The shortest of the months (it has only nine days), Nuevetember occurs between September and October and is dedicated to spoiling the heck out of Lorena and her extended kin.

  8. Well, Joe, this just doesn’t sound like any fun. I’m not sure whether it’s easier to be a horse with a twisted intestine (this involves being walked around the pasture all night and an enormous amount of castor oil) or laying around in a hospital while being poked and prodded and fed hospital food. (Are you even getting any hospital food?) And Gay, as I recall, walking the horse around the pasture endless times wasn’t much fun, either. Time for a parallel universe! At least for a week or two until you’re feeling better. I think Lore’s ready for a diametrically opposed galaxy after the last few weeks. Hope everyone willl be doing well very soon. Please know we’re sending best wishes to all!

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