Daily Unca Joe update

I was about to post this:

Joe’s still in ICU, still has a fever, still on the respirator.  The pulmonary doc hasn’t been in yet, but he was hoping to start weaning Joe off the respirator today. They tell me that’s done slowly.

Joe’s going in for a CAT scan at noon to see what’s going on inside. I’ll report  when I know more. His vital signs are holding steady, still critically stable.

I went to the gym with Becca yesterday and did some moving. That improved my  mental state a bit. Becca and Guy fed me dinner again and we had a good kitty fix with their affectionate cats.

More later. Gay

When I also got this:

Just talked to the surgeons. CAT scan showed no infection, but pancreas still inflamed. They took a sample of fluids to send to lab for culture. Otherwise everything is as it should be.

They’re not weaning him from the respirator yet. The nurse said after tomorrow morning’s lab reports they’ll decide.

Dinner with friends tonight. Steve Leigh is playing at a coffee house with good food.

Thanks, everyone. Gay

So. That’s where we are. No real changes.

I’m really sort of glad that Sharon’s on vacation and work is making me so tired; being tired gives me less time to think, less time to worry.

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