This Week in Vacation Planning (10/22/23)

This Week in Vacation Planning (10/22/23)

At this point the dates for my vacation next year have changed so many times, I’ve started not even telling my friends with whom I want to stay — I’m just watching it all and hoping that this is the final edit.

As of right now, this is what it looks like –

07/25/24 Fly Florida –> New York
07/25/24-07/26/24 NYC
07/27/24-08/04/24 Queen Mary
08/04/24-08/07/24 Travel Southampton –> Glasgow (two days in London?)
08/08/24-08/12/24 Glasgow (WorldCon)
08/13/24 – 08/16/24 Edinburgh
08/16/24 – 08/23/24 Andover, England
08/24/24 – 08/29/24 Wexford, Ireland (with a day in Belfast for the Titanic museum)
08/30/24 Fly Belfast –> DC
08/31/24-09/01/24 DC
09/02/24 Fly DC –> Florida

Some things aren’t set by me – the dates for the Queen Mary, and the dates for Glasgow, so we do have to work around those. We thought at first we’d be taking it over on these dates with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe. It turns out they have to be in… Sweden? Switzerland? About two weeks before that, so they can’t go with us. So then we thought we’d fly over in late June, spend the end of June and July being tourists, go to WorldCon, and take the Queen Mary back two days after WorldCon ends. But! It’s been suggested to Jeff that he go to Fringe and make some contacts. I’ve never been to Fringe (obviously) but I’ve heard a lot about it and I hear there’s great stand-up comedy, so I’m not adverse to spending a couple of days there! If we can get a hotel – I hear it’s pretty cut-throat and I’m a little worried that even if I start trying to make reservations in December, things might be booked up already. But! Why not stay an extra couple of days and take the boat back in late August? Because. The next Queen Mary trip from Southampton to New York then isn’t until the middle of September and Jeff can’t stay that long. So! Back to Plan A.2, he and I taking the QM over right before WorldCon.

This is about 10-14 days less than what I had been planning, but Jeff is going to need to get back for work. So some of the stuff I wanted to do is going to have to wait for the next trip; the Yorkshire Dales, Sherwood Forest, the Isle of Skye, Wales… those are all going to have to wait. Or get done early, if I decide that some time in early April might be a good time for me to take a solo vacation….? UK twice in the same year, is that allowed?

Anyway. I have a cute luggage set….? I bought the big one a while ago, and then after reading and thinking, I bought the carry-on as well. My thoughts on that were that if I had a carry-on and Jeff had a carry-on, we could split the large suitcase (it has two zippered sides so it’s easy to say “this is your half!”). And/or the large suitcase gives us room for “souvenirs” and by “souvenirs” I mean “whisky” and “whiskey”. And about three tartan wrap/ruanas for me, haha.

And like a cupcake after dinner, we’re stopping in DC for a whole 48 hours, because Jeff has never been to the Smithsonian, and that’s just wrong and we need to fix that!

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  1. Middle grand daughter was kind of salty that she didn’t get to see Enterprise 1701 when she was in the Smithsonian. ” Nana! ” Exasperated voice !! ” Nobody else want to see her ! “

  2. There’s a slight chance I could see you in NYC. It all depends on whether I’m there that week or the one after. However , I totally want to see you when you’re in DC!

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