Was last week only a week long?

Was last week only a week long?

I can somewhat understand how people think they have missing time; I mean, I’m sure it’s not aliens, it’s just being busy… but still. Where does the time go?

I am pretty sure I did not nap my week away, but I can’t speak for this guy. Mostly all he does is nap. Seriously rough life, that one. …… sigh.

On Monday, I worked a little late. It’s not a long run to the house… but that day, it sure was a wet one. I know, I know; I talk about the rain a lot. That’s because it rains a lot! Or it doesn’t! As a Floridian, I’m always thinking about rain – are we not getting any? Are we in a drought? Are we on water rations? Are we getting a lot of rain? How is the aquifer? How’s the water level in our well? Is it just rain or is it tropical depression rain or is it hurricane rain? We bought just about the only non-lakefront property in Keystone Heights. How many years until it is lakefront?

Tuesday, I re-papered my lightbox, in preparation for a slew of things coming out of the kiln that are going to need eye-catching photos. Y’all, I’m so happy with my work right now. So many good new things are going to hit the shelves come August….!

Wednesday we went down to my mom’s house. She made egg-free lasagna and we chatted about everything under the sun and then she and I sat in the shade while we watched Tim and Dave repair a table she’d had for her Big Green Egg that had started to rot on one leg – she’d gotten a replacement for it but there were still things Tim could do to shore it up and get another good ten years worth of work out of it, at least.

Thursday, Cetty got her second rotator cuff surgery (same arm, different surgeon). Joe called from the hospital and asked if I’d go check on Max, and I couldn’t resist poking my head over at the fish… are they ever getting huge! Joe’s going to have to make that pond bigger again!

Friday was errand day. Over to the vet’s office, up to CVS, and then over to WalMart in Starke (about a 15 minute drive instead of 30+ to Gainesville) where I am ashamed to say I’ve been buying the bulk of my groceries lately. I really want to support our local grocery stores here in Keystone Heights but there’s only so many times I can pull something off the shelf there and see it’s way past the “best by” date before I start thinking that… yeah… maybe there’s a better option. I try to get into Gainesville and do a Wards/Publix run every couple of weeks, but if I don’t have time to go into town then I just run up to Starke.

Saturday, Tim built a thing for the lights and bug-eating plant for the new tort home. The kids are so happy in their new home! It’s big enough that I went ahead and put all four of them in there (they’re too young to have reached sexual maturity already so I’m not worried about babies having babies – in fact, the females, who aren’t getting any larger in spite of how much they eat, may be sterile in addition to their other birth defects). They all love it, and are actually not eating all the food I put down for them because of the tortoise-friendly plants I put in there! They’re eating the plants (I’m going to have to get double the plants so I can switch them out every other week and give them time to grow back, haha) and that makes me so very happy. That’s exactly what the plants were for, and they figured it out, in spite of being captive born! My rock babies are so smart.

Also this week I worked on both the design of this website and updated my Patreon page, and have pre-written a few blog posts for both. It’s been a long week – so long that I thought for most of the day yesterday that it was Sunday already – and I’m feeling a little tired but also very, very accomplished. I am ready to hit next week running!

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