I think someone stole my day

I think someone stole my day

Seriously, where’s my day? I left it here on my desk this morning next to my purse, and I think someone came in and stole it. I swear I was just eating breakfast about ten minutes ago, and now I’m ready for a nap to get enough energy to eat dinner. The heck, y’all!

This picture of Moya pretty much sums it up, haha.

Let me tell you something — I don’t think we need to worry about computers becoming intelligent and taking over the world, a la Terminator or The Matrix or even Hal 9000. I think the technology we have will effing frustrate us to death a lot sooner than anything else.

Today, I spent a disgusting length of time looking for a set of social media icons. You know, those ones at the bottom or side of a page that tells you all the other places you can find a person or brand. I guess I have a… unique vision? Or I am super picky? Because hours of searching have not turned up what I want.

I would like it to contain icons for Instagram, Ravelry, Goodreads, and Patreon. I can not find one that has all of those; if it has Ravelry, it doesn’t have Patreon. In fact, one with Patreon that also has Goodreads has been hard to find…. and seriously I’ve found one with Ravelry. ONE. I’m THISCLOSE to making my own damn icons, but I know there are copyright issues with some of them (I’m looking at you, Patreon, who has a list of ways you can not change their icon). Which, really, is probably why I can’t find one that has everything I want. For a hot minute I thought I found one that would also let you import ones you don’t have, by linking to them, but it didn’t have a Patreon one and they don’t want you hot-linking.

By the way, there’s a new look around here AGAIN, sorry/not sorry. I never did like the typeface of the most recent look, there wasn’t a way to change it without writing an entire new CSS file for it, and it didn’t have a sidebar which was bugging me. So now we’re on this… let me know if you like it, hate it, love it, whatever. I feel like I’ve forgotten something about it, but that could be the unfulfilled icon issues.

I had some other tech stuff to natter on about but honestly y’all I’m ready for a nap, or at least the couch and some knitting, so… Imma make this a short one. Here’s a picture from our visit to my mom’s house yesterday – That Poor Man did a little repair work on a table for her, and I helped.

Well, mostly I sat in the shade with my mom and we watched the boys work…. but for a minute Tim needed me to hold a board down for him so now I get to brag that I helped out. Haha.

OK; in about seven minutes Imma be in pajamas on my couch with a whiskey and my knitting. Have a good night, y’all.

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