Every day, every day, every day, every day I write the book

Every day, every day, every day, every day I write the book

Some days it’s even not raining, and I can write a blog post! I know I’ve been knocking on our internet (or lack of it) lately when really I should be grateful that we have internet out here in the sticks at all… but when your job is online, and the internet goes out multiple times a day….well, it’s hard not to take it personally after a while, ya know?

I hit a couple of garden centers the other day, looking for some good houseplants that do well in low lighting and are also tortoise-safe, so I can put some plants in their new digs. I also found, for me (and I may go back and get a handful more when I have some extra $) some cat whisker plants!

Long time readers may remember that I had a gorgeous one at the Gainesville house that I had to leave behind, because they don’t transplant very well… I’ve been halfheartedly looking for more since then, and then kind of gave up on it… turned the corner at Ace hardware and they had a whole bunch of them for $5! I would have gotten about 20 of them if I could have (and that was about all they had). I got one lavender one and one white one. I’ve missed the one I had so very much and now I don’t even want to let these guys out of my sight. If I can get a couple more in the next few weeks, I’ll plant them all in my sad no-more-butterflies garden; otherwise I’ll just plant these two, where I can see them from the house.

I don’t know if the above picture will accurately show the rain we’re getting, but… we’ve been getting some real gully-washers lately. It’ll rain for about … twenty minutes, but boy howdy those twenty minutes will just about wash the paint off the house! Actually that’s not true, because my car is outside and my car is still really dirty, so… sigh. Maybe I should run out there with some soap and a sponge when it starts raining tomorrow. Especially since we’re going to visit my mom in a couple of days! I’d like her to think I keep the car clean, haha. Oops. Hi, mom! ** waves **

Let’s see… thanks to using my phone as a mobile hotspot, we’re all caught up on Stranger Things. I loved this season. (Slight character spoilers ahead!) I loved the friendship between Elle (or is it just El, since it’s short for Eleven?) and Max. I was so frustrated last season when the only two female characters in that age group were pitted against each other – I was genuinely pleased to see them support and protect each other this season, and to have an actual friendship. The scene where Max took her shopping and encouraged her to find herself and her own style?! OMG. Tears, yo. And the scene with Nancy and her mother in the kitchen? When her mother was talking about how “some women” (meaning herself) are beaten down and have given up on their dreams, but how Nancy is strong and brave and should go towards her goals no matter what? Again, a wonderfully written relationship between women. Good. We need more of that, please! And I loved that at the end, Elle went off with Winona & fam. I loved that the always tired, works hard and busts ass but clearly loves and provides for her children, single mother of two, didn’t hesitate to take on a third because it was the right thing to do.

So, let’s see… do I still have a connection? Sometimes WordPress and Chrome work some kind of magic together and let me keep writing and have work saved, even when I don’t have a connection. But if I have one, I should go ahead and hit “post” on this now… just in case. I mean, I’m probably going to be in the studio another 15-20 minutes, until it stops raining… but do y’all really want me to keep nattering at you for that long?!

Sigh… yep, no connection. And the rain just started coming down pretty hard again. Maybe now is a good time to go ….. put a coat of glaze on something….? Sounds like I might still be in the studio for a while tonight. Good thing I love being here!

Aha! Connection! hitting post… NOW!

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  1. YES to the womens of Stranger Things ; very well done . I’m deeply sorry they didn’t save Billy though. Very pretty flowers you have there . I hope they are self spreading ?

    1. They are self-spreading! The one I had at the Gainesville house was in about a four foot circle; I think when we moved it was five plants….

  2. Has everything you own turned moldy from all the rain or does it do that normally anyway because Florida?

    1. Hahahah. Yeah; we deal with mold the way Northern folks deal with snow. It’s just something we have almost all the time. Bread molds in about a week. Fruit can mold in days. I suspect that if my fat sleeping cat doesn’t move soon, she’s gonna have a patch on her. 😉

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