When you’re ready we can share the wine (call me)

When you’re ready we can share the wine (call me)

Recently I was talking to a friend about social media and how I present myself – a topic that I actually talk to a LOT of friends about because I’m in a lot of places doing a lot of things and … privacy? Oversharing? What’s the line between business and personal?

Well, I’ll tell ya, the line has blurred a little bit since I combined work and personal blogs (on the other hand, I feel like I have a few more hours in the week so it’s a trade-off?).

Do you want work stuff and pretty much only work stuff? You’re just here for the HaldeCraft? Good on ya! You can find HaldeCraft here on Facebook and here on Instagram, and in those two places I am the least me-me and the most work-me as I get. Also now you can quit reading this blog post — you time-saver, you!

Over on my Patreon account, I’d say I’m … I don’t know…. Mostly there I’m work-me, but from a writer’s point of view and not really having much to do with HaldeCraft at all. I cross-post the Wednesday Works-in-Progress posts, but other than that I’m sticking to the themes I’ve set for myself there.

Do you want mostly work stuff, primarily yarn stuff, and maybe a little bit of my personal stuff but mostly how it pertains to what I’m knitting and/or not knitting and why/or why not I’m working on it? You can find the HaldeCraft group over here on Ravelry and I am mostly work-me but also me-me in a way that I’m not on other forms of social media. That’s the account that has the most personal and the most work-related things mixed together. Does that make sense? It does if you’re in the group already and know what I mean.

Then there’s my personal Facebook page, where I am mightily, mostly me, but sometimes work, and yet, still not all me. I drop a lot of f-bombs, I post a lot of cat and tortoise pictures, but I also respect the privacy of my friends and don’t post every little single thing we do together or talk about. MOST of the things, but not all of them.

Then there’s my blog, here, which you’re probably familiar with but it’s now both work and personal. Want to read the very most personal posts? Those are here.

Want the absolute most me? Hang out with me in person. You can call me, call me, any time.

PS. Pinterest and Twitter and all the rest can go f— themselves (except for Google Plus, which I’ve found a great community on so of course it’s being given the axe). There are only so many hours in the day and my professional opinion is that I can’t be everywhere all the time. My personal opinion is that if I tried to be everywhere all the time I would run out of spoons by the end of the first day, and all I would have left were knives.

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