Things I’d blog about if I had the time

Things I’d blog about if I had the time

The rest of the story of that road trip Sharon and I took going on two years ago now.

Did I ever blog about our week-long trip to Disney with Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe last fall?

Some new things at work. New products, updates to old products, discontinuations, new ways of doing things, yadda yadda.

My frustration with the GDPR (also known as “the reason why your inbox is suddenly flooded with info about policy and terms of service updates”).

My bullet journal and how it’s working out for me in this new size.

My shop elf.

The tortoise-on-tortoise violence I saw the other day.

House pets and their general well-being and foibles.

How I have all these great ideas and grandiose plans and then forget to do half of the things needed to push those things along (even though those things are written down in my bullet journal so maybe that’s not working out as well for me as I thought hahahahahah sobs).

Sneaking in a day off and taking one of my besties down to my favorite place to eat, Sanaa, inside Kidani Village in the Animal Kingdom Lodge…. and fun things you can do around Disney without actually buying a park ticket.

How I snuck in another day off a couple of weeks ago and met a girlfriend at the mall like we were sixteen, and even though I’m 48, wound up getting my very first pedicure.

This side hustle thing I want to do on Patreon soon, in all my copious spare time.

How Tim’s parents came down for a while and we had some quality family time.

My next tattoo (and the one after that).

The next HaldeCrate (and the one after that).

Deep Thoughts on whether I should continue the limited mug of the month next year, or maybe change it to limited ceramic piece (so I could do the occasional bowl or plate or napkin holder or whatever).

Home repairs (those are always fun stories, amirite?).

How completely adorable my toddler niece and nephew are (seriously can my sister-in-law and her husband make some cute babies, or what?!).

How I want some new shelves in my studio office, for finished things.

How I bought some awesome new shelves for craft shows.

Why I don’t do more craft shows (or things like weekly farmer’s markets, and the like).

Blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah, I have a lot to say! But never the time when I have the inclination, and never the inclination when I have the time. Sigh.

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