How can I never know what day it is?

How can I never know what day it is?

It is Saturday, today, right? It feels like Sunday, because Tim took the day off yesterday to do some work for a friend, but if he’s off it must be a weekend day, and if he was off yesterday than that means today is Sunday? But today is really only Saturday. Sigh. Sometimes Tim will ask me what day it is, and I just ruefully shake my head and say, “Oh, honey.” Unless I am near my desk calendar or my phone, the day of the week is anyone’s guess.

I got some things done yesterday but not a whole lot. Orders out. Mugs trimmed and handled. Cold snuggly cats attended to. Workspace cleaned. Bisque glazed. But the thing I’m the happiest about is this…

… my sewing machine and table and boxes of supplies have been stuffed behind the table I have for my yarn-winding apparatus, and it’s been stuffed back in there since we moved in a year and a half ago. There are pajamas I want to make. A few things I need to repair. Some things I want to try making. And I haven’t been doing any of it because I can’t get to my sewing machine. So I moved all the stuff in front of it, pulled it out, moved it to the open area that has only been an open area because it was waiting for my sewing machine, and I set that shit up. Unpacked boxes of thread, buttons, machine feet, everything. Sorted and put like stuff with like stuff in drawers, and prominently displayed that, like, five pound thing of zipper that my friend sent me, and I bet all of you are jealous. This year (well, 2017) is the year I learn to sew in zippers, yo!

So. Today. Today I need to call in some salads to Satchel’s, and pick them up on the way to a holiday party (this will also look a lot like what I do tomorrow – hooray, holiday party season!). I also need to throw some ceramics, think about folding that laundry I did earlier this week (which means thinking about folding the laundry I did last week that’s still not folded – don’t you judge me, Earl). And I need to order some Christmas presents.

But first, my battle cry… MORE COFFEE!

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  1. I love a good organization story! (I’m not ashamed of that even a little bit.) I’m glad you were able to get all your sewing supplies sorted out where you can use them more easily.

    1. And I didn’t even get into how I though through organizing the thread by color (smart) or by size (frustrating to easily find things but easier to stack in the drawer) or going through the buttons and… yeah, I too, love a good organizing story! 🙂

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