It’s Friday already?

It’s Friday already?

Where has this week gone?

Yesterday I got some good work done in the studio, but I was a little distracted, too, so it never felt like I was productive. Yet, I got eight mugs thrown, about 40 bars of soap wrapped, emailed back and forth with customers, took some product photos, made about 50 magnets, two platters, and straightened up a bit. Hmm. That actually doesn’t sound like a lot when I write it out. Did I do about another hundred things that I’ve already forgotten about? I did get Wednesday’s orders together and to the post office… went grocery shopping… placed a base yarn order… uh… yeah. That’s about it. Maybe I wasn’t so productive after all….?

I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to make Chex Mix this year. I usually make it about a week before Christmas, but I’ll be in Orlando at a craft show that weekend. I can almost guarantee I won’t be able to get into Gainesville to Publix and Wards before then to get ingredients (Keystone Heights surprisingly does not have a grocery store with nuts by the pound) so to the horror of many of my friends, Chex Mix might be late this year. Sorry…. who signed me up for two craft shows in December? That person was crazy. (As an aside, I have a friend, a jewelry maker, who is doing a craft show EVERY WEEKEND between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She is made of sterner stuff than I!)

Okay… I don’t really have a lot more to say today. I’m also writing a blog post for work about yarn club, and it’s taking most of my words. Have a good Friday, y’all!

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