So, Monday and Tuesday

So, Monday and Tuesday

Monday I was so exhausted from getting ready for and then doing GLAM, that I fell asleep three different times while working. I don’t mean I paused and took a nap, I mean, I FELL ASLEEP WHILE I WAS DOING THINGS. Then Tuesday morning I woke up and felt like crap and then found out Lightning Salvage burned down and then just screw this week, you know?

Today I am feeling better. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I could still use some sleep. But I no longer feel like I’m going to fall asleep while talking to someone.

Monday I unpacked all the ceramics from GLAM and took stock for what I might need to rush make for Big Bang Bazaar, and y’all, I actually think I don’t need to make anything. Oh, I *could* make some things – nobody at GLAM was interested in my biohazard mugs, so I could make some more in different colors and bring them, try to make them more interesting, but… I’m also only doing a table instead of a booth, so I don’t need as much. Maybe the biohazard mugs are a thing before their time….? Maybe I need to make them a different shape. Maybe they’re only hilarious to me. ANYWAY. My point is that I think I might actually be OK on ceramics, and can focus my throwing and pouring on restocking the shop and making a few Christmas gifts instead.

Huh. I don’t really have anything else to say this morning. I said most of it already in a draft post on my work blog, that I can’t post yet because the graphic for it is on the computer in the studio and I’m in the computer in the house, and try as I might I just can not get those two computers to see each other. So… nothing else really to say this morning. I’m itching to get started on work, because I threw half a dozen mugs yesterday and made some serving plates, and want to get to work so I can trim and handle the mugs (and make more) and also make more plates. I made a pizza plate for Sharon last year and I want to bring some into the shop as a permanent offering next year… spoiler alert to my family who will be getting prototypes for Christmas. Oops!

So, signing off then. Time to refill the cup with the last of my morning coffee, get showered, start some laundry running, and go to work!


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