I know, I know – last time I said I was feeling better, I got sicker and stayed that way for six days. But this time I think I might really be on the mend! I still have a little cough, and I’m the tiniest big congested… but I haven’t needed a tissue since I woke up, and I can mostly breathe through both sides of my nose. And I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. So. Getting better? That’d be nice!

Yesterday I took a bunch of post-its and planned out the rest of my week – I would have had to do too much erasing to write it down in my bullet journal. I wrote a post-it for every day from yesterday through next Saturday, and then I wrote down a post-it for everything I have to do between now and then. Two days worth of making soap. At least one day of wrapping soap. Finishing stitch markers. A bisque firing. A Cone 5 firing. A Cone 06 firing. Packing yarn for GLAM. (Finishing winding yarn!) Packing ceramics for GLAM (easy – clean them, price them, and box them up as I’m taking them out of the kiln). Packing soap for GLAM (also easy – pack them as I wrap them next week). I lined up the days of the week and spread out all the things I need to do and moved them from day to day until I got something that would work (like, I could Cone 5 fire before I bisque fire, but there are some things in the bisque firing that I wanted to glaze to Cone 5, and I might not have time for a second Cone 5 firing… so even though I really WANT to Cone 5 fire first to see my stuff, I should actually do that one second, so I can make it a more full kiln). So next week will be full but manageable (more so if I could get those dang cats to wind some yarn for me! Ingrates! All they do is bring me dead lizards and birds!).

Also I have friends doing an art show thing tonight, so Tim and I want to go into town for that. And I may need to help a friend this week start an online shop. And is there belly dancing? It’s the last Tuesday of the month! I should check with my friends and see if there’s belly dancing.

Anyway. I must be feeling better because my overall emotion this morning is “LET’S DO THIS” and not “ugh”. Heh. So then. Let’s do this! Bring on the day!

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