Go out and see some art!

Go out and see some art!

Tim and I grabbed Jenn last night and went to go see an art opening – three friends of ours (actually, I think Jenn knew the woman who made the amazing wooden tables, so that makes four) were in one art opening, and how often does that happen?! OK, in Gainesville, pretty often. But still!


Those tables were amazeballs.


A lot of people were crowding around a piece by Leslie that I really wanted to get a picture of for Tim’s dad, who as a blacksmith, would appreciate it.


Cindy’s work is always popular.


The crowd!


Hah! I finally got a picture of Leslie’s big piece (she also had a Christmas Tree outside but it was too dark to get a good picture of it). On this piece above, the raindrops also move!


If I hadn’t just dropped money on Christmas gifts that very morning, this lovely little box would have come home with me. The wood was so soft and lovely!

Also, how did I not get Erin’s work in any of my pictures?! Gah. Terrible friend.

Anyway… it was a good crowd, and our friends were smiling the whole time. It’s important to support small pop-up galleries like this just as much as it is big galleries and museums… maybe even more important because it’s grassroots and indie. Go out and support some artists today!

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  1. Tanks for covering the show. Giveing the Gainesville Art seine a little Sharkland love goes a long way. It was a blast and all the artists stepped up and brought there A game. Just wanted to make a small correction. The artist, Alexis Dold, (me) that made the tables is a man. Wierd thing #2, my brothers name is Hilary, for real. Gues my mom wanted girls:)

    1. Lex, I’m so sorry! I thought my friend I was with told me that the woman who made the tables was an acupuncture client of hers, and all this time she’d been a client, my friend didn’t know she slung large pieces of wood around. I must have misunderstood her, and you have my apologies! You also have me taking my hat off for you, for the tables – I could have found room for at least three of them in my house! You have amazing talent, and I hope to see more of your work around.

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