How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

We had two holiday parties to go to and both were “bring a dish” things (I mean, not like I’d get turned away at the door if I didn’t bring anything, but still) and it was Satchel’s to the rescue. Tim couldn’t go to the party on Saturday, and didn’t have time to cook for Sunday, but Satch rescued us both days. And I was happy about that, since they’d just had a fire and need the support.

While of course it made me happy to see my friends, hang out, catch up, not work… in the back of my mind was just a titch of guilt for… well, for not feeling guilty about not working. Because there’s nothing I absolutely, end-of-the-world needed to make for Big Bang Bazaar, and I’m just working on prototypes and restocks and Christmas gifts, I didn’t feel that only working half-days on the weekend of the busiest month of the year was a hardship. I didn’t feel I was cheating my work. And that felt weird because I *always* feel like I’m cheating my work when I’m not working! Oh, brains.

I also managed to get to Wards and Publix for stuff for Chex Mix, and was so overwhelmed in Publix by the lights, people, and selection, that all I got was the cereal and totally forgot about the butter, the sauces, the spices, and the big disposable oven-safe tubs to cook everything in. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sob.

OK, I’m sure there’s more I could wax on about today but unlike this weekend, now I’m feeling like I really do need to get to work. I have weekend orders to pack up and get to the post office, and apparently I need to go to Hitchcocks and see what kind of sauces and spices they have. Sigh.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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