I feel like I don’t have much to do today…

I feel like I don’t have much to do today…

… so I must have forgotten about six thousand things. I hope I’m not crying into a beer by lunchtime.

I’m pretty much entirely packed for Big Bang Bazaar; I need to double-check my craft show bin, see if I need change or to restock the business cards or find more receipt books, but other than that, everything I’m taking with me to sell is packed up.

Yesterday I trimmed the last of the greenware I want to get into the next kiln firing. It will take it a few days to dry; I was hoping to fire Thursday but it’ll probably have to be Sunday as soon as I get back, instead. I’m trying to think if there’s anything low-fire I’ll need for Christmas… if not, I can glaze some mid-range things that I do need, fire again Wednesday or maybe Thursday, and that’ll be the last of my Christmas presents. Then do another glaze firing between Christmas and New Year’s, and that’ll be the last of the year!

So my plan for today, then tentatively, is to load the kiln with whatever greenware is already dry, and then spend the majority of the day (knock on wood) cleaning up my studio and office. Maybe make a list of things I need to start making as restocks. Did I mention clean my studio? Good golly. Oh! And I should do the Facebook invitation for my next open house, which, y’all, I AM SO STOKED ABOUT!

Ooooooooooooookay. So that sounds like that’s it for me today… time to log off, shower and start my day (even though I’ve already been over to the studio this morning to let the boys out, including Wilder, who is now getting along with Troublesome and Bowie well enough that he’s curious about why they get to sleep inside at night, and he’d like some of that, please!). I’ll have another cup of coffee and then (hopefully not) start to remember the six thousand things I forgot I have to do today….!

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