Let’s have another day like yesterday

Let’s have another day like yesterday

Mostly yesterday I puttered around. I finished about a dozen half-finished things, each one taking 30-45 minutes. I finished wrapping a soap set, took new photos of it, and got it listed. I spent some quality time with my bullet journal and next year’s production calendar. I made kissy noises at Wilder and petted him every time I walked past him (he spent most of the day sleeping on one or another of my work tables yesterday… I think he’s starting to meld into the pack). I took care of my January Ravelry ads, although I’m not 100% sure I like what I uploaded.

Oh! And I made Chex Mix! Huzzah!

Today I plan to do more of the same (not make more Chex Mix… I used up all my ingredients). I plan to do more puttering in the studio, getting ready for what comes after Big Bang Bazaar, getting supply orders together and thinking about what I want to change, not make any more, make more of, and bring in new. Maybe start looking through my molds, to see what I might want to get rid of.

See, every year I say to myself “maybe this year I should put some molds I never use up on eBay” and every year I don’t, but I think this might be the year. No, really! As I move away from slipcasting and more into throwing and handbuilding, I just don’t need molds that I’m not using. Before I would have kept some around just in case I needed to make that thing again, ever, but now… meh. If I made three, have sold one, still have one for sale and one in bisque, both of which have been sitting there for three years or more… get rid of the mold! I don’t need to be making things that just sit there. If someone is disappointed they didn’t grab it in the last three or four  years, that’s on them, not on me.

OK, I think that’s about it for my rambling this morning. I’ve also written a blog post for my work blog, so I’m all out of words.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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