I must have forgotten something, I’m never this planned-in-advance

I must have forgotten something, I’m never this planned-in-advance

I mean, I love a good plan, don’t get me wrong! I plan out my year, work-wise, in three-month chunks. But then life is easy and I finish things early or things get in the way and I finish late and I almost never launch things when I originally planned… and here I am feeling like I’m fully ready for the Big Bang Bazaar and I’m just waiting to pack up my car tomorrow and remember twelve things I forgot. I have change. Business cards. Tissue paper and bags. My Square and my external battery charger and the cords for both. I have six boxes of ceramics (including baby head mugs, TARDIS mugs, zipper mugs, and yarn bowls), one box of yarn (enough to fill two portable bins, one with sock and one with worsted weight), and one tray of soap. I decided not to bring my stitch markers, and I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want to bring my tape measures. I’ve only got one table, not a booth, so…


Yesterday I got orders out, the kiln loaded up, some computer work done, and finally did all that research on stamping bags vs. silkscreening. It looks like stamping is the way to go. Overall less fussy (I’ve done silkscreening before and didn’t really love it); all I have to do is stamp the bag and iron it – allegedly ironing it (using cloth-safe ink) will make it permanent and washable.

Today I plan to keep on puttering in the studio, finishing things, planning things, and hopefully cleaning/straightening some things. It wouldn’t hurt me to get over into the house for a couple hours today, too, and fold the three weeks of unfolded-but-clean laundry I have (don’t you judge me, Earl) and also divide up all that Chex Mix I made and get it ready to mail out (it probably won’t go out tomorrow, though, it might be Monday… or maybe some tomorrow, and some Monday). I talked it over with Tim last night and I think I’m going to make a second batch of Chex Mix — we’re having a good 20-25 people for Christmas dinner and I want to do what I did last year and leave a bag of Chex Mix on everyone’s plate, but I don’t have enough to do that and to mail out goodies to everyone I want to send it to. So then. Early next week I’ll be going to Gainesville for another trip to Publix and Wards!

Okay… time for my final cup of coffee, a shower, and to go see what kind of trouble – I mean, fun – I can get up to in the studio today. Happy Thursday, y’all!

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