Oh yeah, I guess I should pack a couple of days of clothes?

Oh yeah, I guess I should pack a couple of days of clothes?

All this thinking about how I’m ready for Big Bang Bazaar, and I didn’t really think about how oh, yeah, I’m spending Friday night and Saturday night with friends in Orlando, so maybe I should pack my suitcase? Hahaha. At least I have three piles of clean laundry to pull from. (Maybe I’ll get crazy and fold anything I don’t pack.)

Yesterday I combed through my bisque shelves and picked out a lot more things I’m not going to finish making so why not pitch the bisque, and between that and stuff I’ve recently pulled to glaze to fire (well, “recently” as in “within the last couple of months”) I’ve cleaned off probably half the shelf — which is good! That gave me room to rearrange and divide up between low-fire and mid-range bisque, so that I can more easily pull what I need, when.

I also then spent some more quality time with my bullet journal and calendar for next year. I’d already marked out when I wanted to bring in new things next year; not necessarily specifically for all year as in “this exact item on this date” but I know I get ideas periodically for new things and I wanted to sort of generally map things out – new soap on this date, new ceramic on this date – because otherwise I have a tendency to do EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME and I’d try to bring in twelve new things all on the same day and nothing would be 100% the best because I’d be going in so many different directions at once. But in thinking about moving to mid-range glazes, I’m going to want to remake a number of things I’ve been making in mid-range clay but using low-fire glazes on. I’m going to want to switch out those glazes, and in the interest of again not doing ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME, I went ahead and put switching those all out on the calendar as well, spaced throughout the year. We’ll see how that goes.

But that’s all later … today is packing the car and driving to Orlando! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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