We have 3.5 bathrooms out there, you’d think ONE of them would be fully functional

I’m pretty sure by this point that if you put all three and a half bathrooms together, you’d get one single working one.


This is the master bath. Both sinks work. The toilet works. The shower shoots water straight out at you from the faucet handles, at about chest level, and there’s a crack in the pan — fortunately Tim helped some friends tile in a new shower in their mobile home a couple of years ago, so once we have one complete working bathroom we’re going to do that here. The water in the tub works but at this point I’m reluctant to fill it and get in, lest I plunge through the floor.


This is the guest bath. The toilet doesn’t work (we’ve bought a new one, just haven’t had time to install it yet). The sink works… I think? And the tub shoots water out of the handles all the way to the back of the shower. Tim’s turned the water off for that tub because nothing we could do would stop it, and we don’t have time to mess with it.


This is the half bath. The toilet works. The sink does not.

Pretend there's a sink here

This is the bathroom in the studio. I don’t even know (or care, let’s be honest, I’m beyond caring) if the shower works. The toilet leaks. There’s no sink (but we have one to install).

At this point all I can really do is giggle a lot and say, “really? REALLY?”

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