The cat temptation unit


It didn’t occur to me until about an hour after I cleaned off this window ledge and put some tiles down, and then houseplants on top of it, that the whole thing would be mighty tempting to the cats. And that since the weight of the plant was the only thing holding the tile in place, that if a cat – heavier than the plant – put its paws on the edge of the tile and tried to hop up, that the tile would flip over and the potted plant would brain the cat. You know. In theory. Whoops.

Remind me to get some of that sticky-tacky-playdough-stuff to put on the backs of the tiles to help anchor them.

Last night we hung out with friends we haven’t really spent a lot of time with lately; we usually do over the holidays, but they were both sick, and had to bow out of being social. So last night we went out to their house for make-your-own-pizza and chocolate fondue (for dessert, not at the same time) and we were going to watch a movie — but it was so great to chat and hang out with them, catching up on trials and tribulations and gossip and ideas, that before we all knew it time had flown by and we were all yawning. It was really great to spend some quality time with them. Oh, and Tim made the pizza dough, and it was FABULOUS. Between that and the great sauce (and the fact I could put as much cheese as I wanted on mine), it was close to the best pizza I’ve ever had. I may not need to eat today, heh.

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  1. I have to put putty on the bottom of anything on my nightstand (lamp, alarm clock, etc.) or Calli will knock them off – one-by-one – every morning, while trying to get me to wake up. Helpful.

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