I don’t know what this week was trying to teach me, but…

One of these is not like the other… can we consider the lesson learned, please, Universe, and move on to something else? Maybe something with less spewed sewage and more kittens?

Yesterday was winding some yarn, having a couple friends stop by at different times, and taking a boatload of new things down to Ingenue Avenue. While I was there I stuck my head in the cupcake shop, and how did I never notice they have an entire cafe/seating area in the back? That place totally needs some knitters.

Today brings cleaning out the dye bar and clearing it for soap-making, making a bit of soap, and possibly killing this cat that keeps running across my laptop keyboard and hitting the power button with her fat feet. Oh, cats. So helpful.

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  1. You do know that cats are the universe’s way to remind us that we *actually* control nothing, right?
    Or at least, that’s what mine keep telling me on a daily basis.

  2. Oh, man. I hope your plumbing woes are fixed, and soon and for cheap. Plumbing sucks. Sending waves of good karma from Ohio!

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