I give up

Straw into goldWho’s got two thumbs and got hot water all over her because her dye bar still wasn’t fixed yesterday, only she didn’t know it until three hours into the dyeing cycle when she went to dump the hot water in the sink, exactly the same thing that’s happened for the third day in a row? THIS GIRL. Who’s got two middle fingers and is flipping off the week? SAME GIRL.

I can not describe the level of frustration of having a project that’s going to take all day, say… nine hours, and you are totally prepared for that but then three hours into it you have to completely re-evaluate your entire plan of work for the day. THREE DAYS IN  A ROW. Oh, but maybe not! Because maybe it’s fixed this time, go ahead, keep working, and find out in three hours! NO THANK YOU. I’ll just totally change my plan for the day. Except there’s not much else I can get into because it’s too humid to wrap soap, the same humidity has kept the dyed yarn damp, so I can’t really rewind that either, and I’m already firing the kiln, and I just poured ceramics yesterday, so you know what? Fuck this day in its stupid stupid face, and I’m going to mail out yarn club and then spend the rest of the day on Ravelry talking to people about Watership Down and in the evening I’m going to spin for a bit and then warp my loom.

That was yesterday.

If today is the same, y’all will see my picture in the mugshot section of the paper, ’cause Imma gonna cut a bitch.

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  1. That totally sucks! I feel for ya. BTW, I keep forgetting to mention that my SIL bought me a skein of Tepper in Sock Monkey for Christmas – I was freaking out! Naturally, my plan is to make a monkey out of it!

    Here’s hoping you’re back up and running soon!

  2. I think there is something in the air or the moon or the cosmos or anything else mystical in that direction. I hope tomorrow is a better day and that it just keeps getting better throughout the week.

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