Hello, Saturday!

Mid - morning napI spent a good portion of yesterday in my office, Hill Street Blues on Hulu, straigtening things up (or as I like to call it now, UnFucking), and painting/glazing ceramics (I’m going to try to be ready to fire the kiln on Tuesday, with the last of the owl ornaments). Because I spent so much time standing and moving around, BitchFace was thwarted in her need to snuggle. Until, that is, she noticed the giant fuzzy heating pad over on the dog bed. Later on she was in my office chair, snuggling with her sister, and then even later her sister was also snuggling Old Dog. It was a regular love-fest up in here!

Todays plans include unfucking my ceramic studio – I haven’t poured any greenware since late November because I’ve been too busy with other things, and have been grabbing things off shelves, moving things to other shelves and flat surfaces in order to get them out of the way so that I can find That One Thing I Need Right This Second. Those two things coupled together mean it’s getting a little haphazard in there, and my plan is to put everything in its rightful place, and also pull a few things that I’m going to phase out of HaldeCraft (I hope my loved ones don’t mind phased-out hand-made items for Christmas).

Speaking of Christmas, we’re also going to Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe’s to decorate for Christmas (guess what tomorrow’s photo will contain). And running to one of the two grocery stores we need to go to for Chex Mix (HaldeCrack) supplies (guess what my house will smell like next week).

So I guess I’d best get offline, and go shower, eh? Sounds like I have a day coming up! A FUN DAY.

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