Slowing down

Big wheel keep on turningDo you know how I know my schedule is under control right now? I had time to spin yesterday, for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long. Next you know I’ll have time to warp my loom, whatwhat?!

I try to tell myself to spin for 15 minutes a day. Not for exercise (although I have tired my legs out before spinning, when I haven’t for a while) but to keep my mind peaceful. Hey, it worked for Gandhi, and he had a lot more to be upset over than I do, right? Fifteen minutes a day isn’t much. In an ideal world I would even take that 15 first thing in the morning, maybe while having my first (or second) cup of coffee. But the reality is that I sneak it in when and where I can. Yesterday it was after two hours of cleaning my office just to be able to reshelve some knitting books I’d been moving from pile to pile* and before my friend Jenn came over for a little bit. I had about 20 minutes to kill, so… hello, wheel. Whatchoo been up to?

*I’d moved something in front of my knitting book hutch that was juuuuuuust too tall for me to be able to get the door open to re-shelve some books. It was juuuuuuuuuuuust too tall because it’s got a flat top, and flat surfaces aren’t safe around me, and things were piled on top of it. So I had to clean off those piles before I could get the door to the hutch open to take care of the pile of knitting books. And the Pile What Had To Be Cleaned was full of things like magazines to go in the other room and papers to be filed and work receipts and just a ton of little things that needed a home, and rather than find homes for things like that when I’m holding them the first time, I am much more likely to put all that shit in a box and find homes when the box is full. OK, to be more honest, I look at the work the box would take and just get another box. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME, EARL.

ANYWAY. So I spent about three hours total on cleaning my office yesterday, giving myself permission to throw some shit out I was never going to get around to doing something with, and if I didn’t file any receipts I at least am putting them all in the same location so that I can find some TV series on HULU that I’ve never seen and watch a few episodes on my laptop while having a major filing session. While I’m on vacation. Hey, some people go to Bali…. but I don’t like to fly.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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