Was I really just complaining about the oppressive heat?

Hazy Shade of WinterThe other day we had a rainstorm so dark and fierce (“It was a dark and stormy night!”) that by 5:30 PM it looked like the middle of the night. The sky has been overcast and spitty ever since then. I don’t mind, really; we could use the rainfall! But it’s kind of funny that even now this sort of sky makes me think it’s going to snow, with all the years I’ve lived in Florida. And while the temperature has been dropping over the last three days, it’s not nearly snow weather.

Because right now I don’t have to run around doing a million things, trying to eek out a late hour after dinner-and-TV-time to slap on one more coat of paint or glaze, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. My brain doesn’t know that, though, and I’m still jumping awake at 4 AM worried about whether I’ll have enough time in the day to finish my to-do list (hint: these days, I do). I’m caught up on almost all my supply orders. I only have a couple custom orders to finish, and they’re not (terribly) Christmas sensitive. I’ve started eyeing piles of things in my office that I have been moving from place to place to get to what I need while I don’t have time to clean… with an eye for cleaning. I’m also somewhat trying to stay offline for good portions of the day, because I seem to have a short temper with some people these days and it’s better for all if I keep my rapier-like wit to myself… and staying offline also gives me more time during the day.

Today: cleaning. Straightening. Aligning. And later, knitting, even though most of my knitting group seems to have abandoned me (to the point where I’m wondering if it’s even worth keeping it going). Leftover mushroom and spinach lasagna for dinner. Possibly a cat to snuggle (and that may happen sooner than later, if she keeps eyeing me like that). Blah blah blah blah blah!


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    1. And we enjoy having you! I’m hoping that with the closing of Wild Iris for a month, that love for the knitting group will hit everyone hard when they reopen, and we’ll start having a full house again!

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