What this knitter needs is a beer

Bag of holdingI know I say this all the time, so you’re probably surprised that I’m surprised this still happens, but why do strangers want to give you business advice? Especially when they’ve never even met you before, know nothing about your business… or even worse they DO know you, rarely purchase from you, and have even told you that your prices are too high and they could make that themselves if they only had the time? Well you know what, then? Shut your pie-hole and make it yourself, if that’s the case.

Amusingly, I was recently advised that I should consider taking custom orders. There is, apparently, a lot of action in the custom order world. Did you know that people would pay you to make exactly what you want? TRUE STORY. I am glad that you schooled me in that, complete stranger. Lesson learned.

Speaking of shutting one’s pie-hole, I apparently need to keep mine shut today as I am clearly wearing my CrankyPants. I thought they were green plaid pajama bottoms, but they must be cut from CRANKYCLOTH. So I am, like my G-ma told me when I was young, gonna keep my mouth shut today if I can’t say anything nice at all. Perhaps after I get some work done today, I can continue yesterday’s evening theme of knitting and beer.

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  1. Custom orders you say??? What is this foreign concept? Speak to me of this thing called custom orders and how a stranger offered this sage advice…

    1. Hahahaha, right?!?!? Wow, if ONLY I’d been taking custom orders all this time. My business could be so popular with people who know what they want but don’t have the time/desire/ability/equipment to make it! Oh, well, maybe next year.


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