Wednesday, July 11th

There will be only twoYesterday I fired the kiln and plotted out what to glaze for next week’s firing. I think it’ll include these two owl mugs, a recent score from my ceramic supply shop. Very casually I asked (trying not to look as bouncy on the outside as I felt on the inside) if they either had the mold for these or could get more in either bisque or greenware… but sadly, no. They didn’t have the mold and couldn’t remember from whom they’d gotten the bisque. So it looks like it’ll just be these two. I think I’ll do them both in the same color, in case someone wants both of them. Hopefully I’ll have them finished and up for sale by the end of next week! And if they don’t sell, hey, hella cute owl mugs for me!

Are we the only dog-owning people in Florida slowly fighting a losing battle with ticks this year? I swear… I’m not one to squick out over bugs (spiders are another story) but I’ve been pulling so many ticks off the dogs that even I’m starting to get a little twitchy over it. Every time I think I feel something crawling on me I’m ripping off my clothes and doing a tick check in seconds. (Note to self: try not to do that when you have company.) We were using Advantage and recently switched to Frontline, which does seem to have made a difference (it’s definitely made a difference in the fleas, which are finally now dying off) — but I’m still finding enough ticks that I suspect someone of breaking into my house and leaving them. Who wants to come visit?! YAY!!!!

Random blog post is random.

I haven’t joined the Tour de Fleece this year (I like the idea, and even tried it either last year or the year before, but have discovered that the fastest way to get me to not do something is to join a group doing it), but I am still trying to spin a little each day. The last four days I’ve spent about 15-20 minutes a day spinning. How about you, Stefanie? In fact, I might make spinning the topic next week of my new series of video posts on my work blog.

Well. I thought I had something else to say… something exciting, captivating, award-winning. Guess I don’t. Off for more coffee, then, and to check the temp on the kiln to see if I can open it yet!

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    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!? You don’t know how sorry I was that they only had two, and even though they let me look through their extensive collection of molds, I couldn’t find the owl one. ::sob::

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