Thursday, July 19th

Scenes from a work dayI almost like this photo more than the ceramics I was photographing!

Yesterday I popped open the kiln, photographed everything, went to do soap inventory at Ingenue Avenue (a new place downtown that sells retro clothing and locally made bath and body products – they’re next door to and run by the cupcake people) and bring them some lip balms. I took a lot of photos and will do a little album and “hey, I’m selling here” post soon. I’ve been selling there for about six weeks now but have been too caught up in other things to really promote it.

Then it was off to Third Thursday Spinners, but only one person brought a drop spindle — the rest of us just brought our knitting. It had been raining when I’d left to go run errands and I didn’t want to tote my wheel through the rain.

….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that’s about it. That was my day. Came home, microwaved lasagna leftovers (surprisingly still tasty), watched Covert Affairs, read, went to sleep. I KNOW. How exciting is my life?!

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