Sunday, July 8th

Lined up like soldiers

Behold, my new shelves! I bought these to be able to move some of the glazes out of my studio and into my office, because it gets awkward carrying five or six of those jars at a time halfway across the house and through a closed door. Not all of my glazes, just the ones I use the most. And this reminds, me, too, that I’ve been meaning to both finish and update the series of blog posts on Craft Room Organization… I think I’m going to put those over on the work blog, though.

Huh. I must not have done anything too extraordinary yesterday, I already can’t remember anything sticking out as blogworthy. The dogs went out, and came back in again. A lot. I dyed some yarn. Tim made lamb for dinner (it was tasty). Yup. That was about it.

Today, though? I have a lot to do. Big plans. They start with putting these just-out-of-the-toaster Cinnamon Toast Bagels in mah belleh.

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