Thursday June 28th

Table ElvisYesterday was a bit of a whirlwind. I woke up, took care of a couple of things online (blog reading, listing a few items on the shop, etc), unloaded the kiln from Wednesday’s firing, photographed everything from the kiln (that can between one to two hours, depending on what’s in there, how the lighting is, how many pictures I need to take of it, and then putting everything away), met Mariana for a “work lunch” where we spent about five minutes eating delicious food at Satchels and then two hours going over the soap, lip balm, and lotion labels which all need a bit of tweaking. Then it was home to process a few orders, off to the post office, the bank, and then on to meet friends for knitting.

By the time I got home a little after eight, Tim was all, “what do you want for dinner” and I was all “MY PILLOW.” Zzzzzzzz.

Emo dog is Emo.We did have dinner, though, and then (re)watched the third Alien movie (we’ve been recording them when we find them on TV since we just saw Prometheus and want to compare/contrast/question things). I do love me some Charles Dutton (yay, Baltimore boy!) but #3 has to be the worst Alien movie. Oh, no, wait, I stand corrected – the Alien vs Predator movies were pretty wretched, even the one with Lance Henriksen.

I got another inch or so knitted on the sleeve of St. Brigid (knitting since 2010! I might finish it this year! We better have some damn cold weather this winter!) and as you can see, Backup Dog did not understand why I wanted sticks and string in my lap and not her.

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I made need to rethink our entire relationship. Alien 3 bad? Didn’t like the AVP movies? Even the first one? You cut me to the quick woman, to the quick.

    Oh…wait…Alien 3 was the prison planet, wasn’t it? Yeah, that was shite. nevermind, we’re all good. 🙂

  2. Hi – since you semi-solicited advice on packaging…you need to make the soap names at least twice as big for us oldsters. Last night I went to G’ville for the Artwalk and stopped in Wild Iris to buy my wife a lavender soap. However, it was actually pretty hard for me to read the names (even the ones not hidden behind the bag stand). & FYI- my bifocals are 6 months old.

    The other elements of the label are good as is. However, the HaldeStuff name hasn’t reached the market penetration say Betty Crocker or Black & Decker so the rest of the world will be deciding what to buy based on a impulse to rub Lavender Peach all over their body instead of Loganberry Banana, or Dial.

    Just my 2 cents. When the Mrs. takes her monthly bath, I see if she has any thing to say about the experience.

    1. The phrase “When the Mrs. takes her monthly bath” makes me think of propped-up saggy front porches, old-fashioned washtubs, and someone standing over someone else with a shotgun! LOL!

      (But seriously, thanks for your input! 🙂 )

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