Monday, July 2nd

It's not easy being green.I finally got the loom re-warped, with a green plaid project I’ve been thinking about ever since (a) learning to weave (isn’t plaid the reason to learn?) and (b) Tim making me extra shuttles. I finished my last project while Tim was on vacation, and since warping the loom takes two people, I couldn’t do it while he was gone, and once he got back I was either too busy still or too tired to in the evenings. Now it’s done, and I’m weaving away! I like it, but don’t love it. I’m using three shades of green that I dye myself (Pistachio is the lightest, There Is No Try is the medium, and Soylent Green is the dark) but the medium and dark are too close to each other, I think. It looks different in this photo than it does when I’m above it, looking straight down, weaving. There’s less of a color change. Iiiiiinteresting.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning wrapping soap for a gift set I was going to release in the afternoon, and making new ads for Ravelry since yesterday was the day to buy ads. I’m tweaking how I’m advertising a bit there, and am planning a series of similar ads to run for the rest of the year so while the yarn shown in them will be different, the overall structure of the ads will be the same — meaning that people may remember me more just from similarity. But it took me longer than I thought it would (even though my fabulous designer, who is moving overseas for a year later this month, gave me many tips on typeface and how to color things when we had lunch the other day) and that meant I didn’t finish wrapping the soap, which meant that I couldn’t release the gift set. I felt in my head that it was already late, because I wanted to release it on the 1st, and this was already the 2nd, and did I want to release it on the 3rd but then take off the 4th and not list anything, and … and … and I still have ceramics to glaze because I want to fire the kiln on Wednesday, and I have this great idea for a series of videos for my work blog and I was thinking Wednesday would be a great day to launch that (Works-in-Progress Wednesday) but Wednesday is a holiday and… and… and also I feel a little tickle in my throat and my head hurts and … and maybe I should just step back for a bit.

I’m not exactly taking a vacation (working at home now means I pretty much have to leave the house to feel that I’m not working — and really, mostly that is A-OK with me because I love what I do) but I am going to unplug and not be so chatty for the rest of this week. She says after writing 500 words. And I swear that green loveliness up in the photo is not the reason I’ll be offline for long stretches during the day.

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    1. I do direct warp, but I need Tim to wrap the paper around the back roller and turn that while I hold the warp and walk it towards the loom (holding it tightly, ask me how I know what happens if you accidentally let go… sigh…). Maybe I’m using a different direct warp method than you are…? I’m pretty new to weaving so I don’t know how many methods there are!

  1. I think we do it pretty much the same except I don’t put tension on my warp….I wind, stop, pull on the warp to tighten it around the paper, wind, repeat. I was told that as long as you have even tension on the warp, you don’t need it to be tight – the ratchets will take care of that after you’ve tied on and it’s all hunky dory. I do the same thing on my floor loom – works pretty well – I haven’t had any tension issues. There are so many ways to do this…..LOL

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