Thursday, July 5th

Where am I supposed to sleep?Four of our six animals would like some snuggles, please. But not with each other.

A friend asked me last night how I was enjoying my time off, and I guess my eyes-over-the-top-of-the-glasses-look tipped her off because she just started to giggle. I’m not taking “time off” this week as much as “time off from being online.” I’ve just had a lot of work to do (yesterday I listed a 70-bar custom order I’ve been working on for about a month) and I can either get it all done, or get half of it done and be as social online as I usually am. Buh-bye, online!

We met for knitting last night at Wild Iris, to the sad news that Cafe Colette, open since the Fall of last year, is closing. If you’re on Facebook you can read their announcement here. As I said on Facebook when I shared the link on my wall… Two years ago I was where they are now, and I know that pit of the stomach sickness that lives in you before making an announcement like this. The death of a dream, even if it winds up being for the better, later… is never easy. My heart goes out to them, and also to Wild Iris. Anyone know of a cafe or coffee shop looking to branch out and get a second location in one of the two remaining locally owned bookstores? I know a great space!

Seriously — if you’ve been thinking of opening a small cafe, I know just the perfect spot for you.

Anyway. Back to work… mostly so I can knock off and have an early lunch with friends!


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  1. That’s an awesome photo – my question is, are their self-assigned seats always the same?!

    That’s a bummer about the cafe, though…it’s always hard to see a cool, independent business call it quits. Hopefully someone will take up the torch!

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