Wednesday June 27th

Good to see the waterYesterday, with just a brief break when a friend stopped by, I wrapped soap while firing the kiln. Between the friend stopping by, catching up on some TV, and only doing two things… that practically felt like a day off!

To cap off that awesomeness, we went to Chopstix for dinner. Which had nothing to do with neither of us feeling like cooking, and everything to do with seeing how the water level had improved even after the last time. ::shifty eyes:: Yeaaaaaah. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The live entertainment on our outside deck was four little future delinquents throwing rocks at alligators. Little shits. On one hand I was glad to see them outside doing something in nature rather than sitting inside in front of the television. But on the other hand I kind of hoped one of them lost an arm. OH MY GOD I can’t believe I keep forgetting to have kids. I’d make such a great parent! The only bright side (for the alligators) is that my dead grandmother has a better throw than those little boys; ain’t none of them ever gonna make a softball team.

More nature photos below, for them that likes birds and gators.

View at Chopstix Looking for fishies

Just swimming Imma gonna eatchoo

Elegant Chatting over dinner

Lazy gators Alligator, swimming

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  1. I’ll never understand why some parents think it’s perfectly OK for their little “darlings” to throw things at animals, especially ones that will eat you.

  2. Alligators are terrifying. I can’t imagine anyone stupid enough to throw rocks at them, nor can I imagine adults who would let their children do that. Then again, I keep forgetting to have kids, too, so what do I know?

  3. It’s unfortunate that stupid doesn’t automatically shut off your reproductive systems. We’d have a LOT less population problem if it did. And probably waaaay fewer Republicans, too. Ahem. But even though I am a parent, I’d be cheering for the alligators in this instance too. I nearly backhanded the daughter of my sister’s friend when she mouthed off at me and then gave the classic (and totally untrue) “it’s just a joke” line. Kid’s like, 12, and I was so close to sticking an ice cream scoop up her nose. I had to walk away and go bitch to my hubby — who totally gets it. I figure I’m trying to raise a couple of people the rest of the world will enjoy being around, and tolerating rudeness and attitude when they’re young isn’t getting them to that goal. Besides, I’m cranky and waving my cane.

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