Pincushions and potholders

On needles and pinsI realized I never showed off the pincushion I made in the Intro to Sewing class I took at Sew Make Do a couple weeks ago. And two weeks from today is pajama bottoms and pattern reading!

Today we are off, driving Down South to hang with my mom and Dave for the day (in fact, since I’ve set this blog post to show up a few hours from now, when I’m writing it, we may already be there by the time you read this). And by “for the day” I mean “half the day” since it’s a six-hour car ride. But I don’t look at it like six hours in the car, boooooooooooooring; I look at it as six hours in the car is a good chunk of the last Harry Potter book and a good portion of a sock. Plus, I get to see my mommy for a while. It’s all in the attitude!

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