Saturday, April 7th

Get in mah belleh!

Saturday we went down to hang out with Mom and Dave for the afternoon. His mother and sister were in town, and I adore his mom (she’s a pistol!) who is 90 years old and seriously, I am not exaggerating, she behaves as if she’s still about 50-something. She’s amazing. And I got to meet Dave’s sister, who is also a lot of fun.

Mom made amazing food – of course – and I so stuffed myself at lunch I didn’t even need dinner when we got back home! Plus, we ate leftovers for about two days, the quality of which, well, you should be jealous that we didn’t invite you over. It was great to see everyone, and spend a little time with family. I have some more pictures but still have other pictures from things that have happened earlier in the year that I haven’t posted yet, so…well, I’ll get these up sometime. Anticipation! It adds to the fun!

Auntie Laura and Uncle Gerry came over to take care of the dogs (and pay attention to the cats) while we were gone, and all fur-babies were spoiled appropriately. Thank you, L&G!

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