Wednesday, April 11th

Each badge a memoryBack when I took the Intro to Sewing class, I decided to strike while the iron was hot (so to speak) and made space in our little library for my sewing machine. That meant moving the random pile of boxes that was in there, but now I don’t have time to sort through those boxes of random things and I keep moving them from sitting in front of the back door to sitting in front of the washing machine (depending on whether I need the washing machine or the back door). Mostly those boxes are the last bit of things like this; stuff that was my dad’s, important to my dad, memories and bits of ephemera he had saved. Now as much as my brain may know that the item is not the person, and throwing out the item doesn’t mean you are throwing out the person, it still pains me to think of this stuff just being tossed without at least giving it its due. But I don’t have the time or flat space right now to sort it all out. I took one layer out of one box, and that was it. But I’d like to take two weeks off in May, after the Star Wars yarn is out, and then I’ll have time to sort through and organize/keep/toss.

But that sure won’t be today.

Because on my list of things to do today, we have…

  • wind off yarn to dye
  • dye that yarn
  • rewind yarn I dyed two days ago
  • check to see if the yarn I dyed yesterday is dry; if so, rewind that as well
  • soak yarn to be dyed tomorrow
  • finish glazing the custom ceramics I haven’t had time to finish yet
  • load the kiln that I’ve been trying to have time to fire since Tuesday (it’s only waiting for custom pieces mentioned above)
  • two or even three loads of laundry (since I haven’t finished glazing ceramics and can’t run the kiln today)
  • sweep the floors
  • clean the catboxes
  • water the plants
  • make some lip balm in a new flavor
  • pack up HaldeCraft orders from yesterday; take to post office
  • add a few more things to the new HaldeCraft webstore I’m working on (want a sneak peek?) (allegedly the “myshopify” part will drop off after the DNS does whatever slow magic DNS does, in theory, whatever, my brain hurts)
  • all before meeting friends for knitting at 6 PM

I DON’T FEEL BUSY NOT AT ALL. Why am I even still here, writing? I have work to do! I haven’t even showered yet!

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